Professional Displays


Digital Signage

Panasonic offer an extensive range of flat panel displays ideally suited to Digital Signage.  The commercial grade panels come with a two year warranty even when used in 24/7 environments.  They also have many features and functions designed for use in public areas.  RS-232 control is available on many models meaning that your Digital Signage software can be used to turn the display on in the morning and off at night.

  Outdoor Displays 

If you have a need for weatherproof or super bright displays for use outdoors in in daylight conditions Panasonic has a model to suit.

Large Displays

Panasonic have a range of extra-large commercial flat panel displays.  Starting at the diminutive 65" panels they work their way up through to a massive 152" display.  SO if you need something big, check out the Panasonic options.


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