Portable Projectors



Often in business we are very reliant on the tools we use.  No more so than when you are pitching for new business.  The worst case scenario is that the projector fails just before the presentation.  Panasonic projectors are known for their outstanding reliability.  Panasonic is the brand of choice for most of the large staging and rental companies in New Zealand.  They choose Panasonic for reliability before anything else.

Ease of Use

over more than 25 years Panasonic have honed and refined the plug and play features on their projectors.  From automatically searching for the cable you have connected, to measuring the angle they are sitting at and adjusting the picture accordingly.  Panasonic have eliminated nearly every step in setting up a projector short of plugging it in and turning it on. 

Total Cost of Ownership

As we all know projector lamps have a limited life and they are quite expensive.  If you are going to use your projector frequently, make sure you check out how many hours the lamp runs for, and what the cost of a replacement lamp is likely to be.


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